What is The Lionfish Striker?

The Lionfish Striker is the safest, most user-friendly Lionfish Spearing device on the market. From the experienced to the novice Lionfish hunter, The Lionfish Striker is the safest easiest and most efficient way to remove Lionfish from our reefs.

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Invasive Species

While beautiful to look at in an aquarium Lionfish are not natural to our region and have become to our waters what the Pythons have become to the Everglades, a dangerous nuisance that DOES NOT belong in our region. Help do your part to control their population.


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What Our Customers are Saying

Researchers using Lionfish Striker for removal of lionfish local reefs while surveying fish populations. No better way to promote safe diving than using devices like a Lionfish Striker and a Zookeeper.


Reef Monitoring, Inc.

Curt purchased both the Lionfish Striker and a Zookeeper holster for the Striker prior to the Pensacola LRAD event. Here’s what he had to say about the Striker:

“…My dive partner (Bill) wore his wrist out (shooting lionfish all day with a pole spear) … and he is still in his 50’s … at 64 I shot all day with no problem and could still lift a cold one at the end with Lee (from Denver).  In the Marines we used to call that using the right equalizer…”

“Your ‘Striker’ is good for ‘mature men working on rookie stability and aiming’ and I have some experience at dialing in weapons of destruction in the Marines. I hit a kill shot on the first try and only missed a few skittish small lion-fish where I had to reach into the reef cage to chase them.  The rest ended up in my Zookeeper.


Curt - Northern Georgia

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